4x3m Smoothies Kiosk Design Shopping Mall Juice Bar To USA

Smoothies, also known as smoothies, ice products. It is a cold drink. It is mixed with water and ice cubes to form a sand, then mixed with syrup, fruit juice, flavoring agent, yogurt or fruit and fruit pieces (such as red beans, bitter melon puree, etc.) and other ingredients. to make. At present, smoothies are not made by hand. Instead, they use shaved ice machines or high-speed food processors to make red bean smoothies. Some smoothie stores will put smoothies in sealed cups for customers to drink immediately.

Yes, today I want to introduce a smoothies kiosk design shopping mall juice bar to USA to you. It is a simple design but it have its own look. And the structure is not easy. On this smoothies food kiosk, you can see the front we have the display fridge, it is for fruit and we can also display other foods. Meanwhile, on the back side, we have the blenders, drinks refrigerator and sink. Under the countertop we can put some under countertop fridges if needed.

We will make the cabinets under the countertop, so that you can put something for storage. The top we have the 3D lighted acrylic logo. The size of this juice bar kiosk is about 4x3m, but we can make a new one customize as your size. You just need to get back to us your location on the mall. Then we will make a new model for you with your mall location size.

For the kiosk color, if you don’t want the color of below design, we can make any colors as you like. We have many wooden colors for your choose.

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