Many business vendors will choose to open a yogurt kiosk shop in mall , some of them are self-serve kiosk while some yogurt kiosk are designed with workers. When you opening a frozen yogurt kiosk in mall ,  a good quality kiosk design are important. The yogurt shop design will give the first impression on customers.  So, spend more time and effort on a nice design are worth work.

Here blow are 3 design used for frozen yogurt kiosk .  You can add a roof if the mall allow you to have one. Or you can use the first model which is more open .

frozen yogurt kiosk design


Other two options kiosk design with roof for advertising.

Bar stools installed in front of the kiosk for customer enjoying food easier.

Unique kiosk is are leading yogurt kiosk designer & manufacturer, We design and build kiosk according to customer size and requirement. If you want to start a mall used yogurt store kiosk , welcome to visit our website and choose the best kiosk design and best price on it.

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