Custom attractive frozen yogurt shop decoration for mall and yogurt store. Are you looking for unique design self serve yogurt kiosk for your business? here below is a very nice concept for you.

Summer is coming,kinds of cold drinks, ice cream, frozen yogurt will become hot sale, as far as I’m concerned, I more like eat frozen yogurt, because it is different from cold drinks and ice cream, it is a kind very healthy and nutrient leisure food, it has lots of Probiotics, in general, frozen yogurt will mix many fruits, nuts to eat , it can have kinds of flavors, very yummy, why yogurt need frozen, because frozen can keep its probiotics, taste also is better. 

if you have an idea to open a retail frozen yogurt shop, Shenzhen unique furniture company can help to custom and decorate your shop, we have professional designers team and can meet your needs.

so how to design attractive frozen yogurt shop decoration?  here there are some simple tips:

1. color: the color need is colorful, 2 to 3 kinds color match is good, also don’t need to make very fancy,  if you have a logo,  whole shop color need to combine logo color, you can use colorful words or pattern and shape on the wall, also can make it for image wall , sofa color also can is colorful.

2. ceiling decoration: add some lines, different color lines decoration, use some cute and art light.

3. keep food counter is with shape and special .

4. floor is white , so that can stand out wall and color effect. 

if you are interested in our attractive frozen yogurt shop decoration, welcome inquiry.





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