We have finished many frozen yogurt kiosk for different vendors all over the worlds. Especially in New York. California,Chicago, and other states.  Not all of them are for self serve concept. As you must have browsed many websites to digging for a self served concept. Here blow i m going to share you a very nice and common used yogurt store design.

This self serve frozen yogurt kiosk are mainly  build for 3 parts. On the right line with 5 self serve yogurt machines. On the top with access door where worker and refuel the yogurt.  Front long outstanding one are toppings counter where customer can choose favorite flavors.  On right corner are kiosk main working area.  So can prepare necessary foods and serving.

Unique Kiosk are professional  mall kiosk builder , We can design and build different model yogurt kiosk. The above kiosk are build for YOYO yogurt brand.

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