Popular Wooden Bubble Tea Kiosk Design In Mall For Sale

There are many types and styles of bubble tea kiosk in the mall. This is a very popular drink regardless of the country. In recent years, there have been more and more bubble tea brands of different brands. You can see a bubble tea shop in every one or two stores, which shows its popularity. In addition to shops, shopping malls are also occupied by various bubble teas or juice kiosks. Today I mainly want to introduce this wooden bubble tea kiosk.

Wooden Bubble Tea Kiosk Design

This wooden bubble tea kiosk was ordered by our customer from the United States. His main colors are wood and white. This is a very popular color combination. The light wood color looks natural and safe, and white is a versatile color. From the design drawing, we can see its main display effect and the location of our equipment.

We all know that the most important thing to sell bubble tea is the sink. Our kiosk has four sinks. In addition to the water supply in the sink, we can also put our tools in the sink when we close the kiosk. On the right side of the kiosk, we installed 10 sockets. Our customers have more machines, we need to set up a little more sockets for our machines to run. In front of us kiosks are our types of bubble tea and our menu, so customers can more easily choose the bubble tea they want.

Wooden Bubble Tea Kiosk Material

This kiosk is made of plywood and laminate. The white color is a glossy white laminate. It looks very shiny. In addition to laminates, our kiosk also uses solid wood. The display effect of solid wood is very good, but its price will be higher.

Our sink is made of stainless steel. If you have your own machines, such as this kind of big three-pool sink or refrigerator, you need to tell us the size so that we can leave a suitable space inside.

We use stainless steel for the skirting, and stickers for the drink pictures, which do not need to be fixed with glue. We only need to wet the back of the sticker to stick it on the kiosk. Our logo uses acrylic.


Wooden Bubble Tea Kiosk Production Photos

After the customer places an order, we will start production, and we will prepare the materials first. We need to prepare suitable boards according to the construction drawings, and then fix them into the shape we need. Because the surface finish of this kiosk is a laminate. Its process will be a little more complicated. Because every corner and detail we need to paste manually. After we have made this kiosk, we need to install sockets, main wires, light strips, logo,sticker, and menus, etc. What we provide is a complete kiosk. When you receive the goods, just put the separate cabinets together and connect the connectors between them.

How can I get the kiosk?

If you also want to start a kiosk in the mall, first we need to make a design. This design is based on our brand and the location given by the mall. The purpose of the design is to facilitate us to confirm all the details and the review of the mall. Our price depends on the final design. When the design is approved, we can start production and then ship.

What is design and production time?

Our design time is 2-3 working days, production time is about 28 working days.

Price Details

Design: 300USD, when we place an order, it will be returned to you.

Kiosk price: Our kiosk price is based on the final design. We need to know its size and material. This wooden bubble tea kiosk size is 10x15ft, made of plywood, laminate and solid wood, the price is 7300USD. Before production, you need to pay a 50% deposit.


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