Excellent Purple Bubble Tea Kiosk In Mall Food Display Stand

Bubble tea is one of the most popular fashionable drinks today. And there are two different ways to drink bubble tea. It is hot and cold. Most people like the Q-flavored taste of sucking pearls and chewing pearls through a straw. It is very delicious and refreshing. Because of the feature, many people would rather line up to buy bubble tea. We can see all kinds of bubble tea shops here and there when we go shopping. This is really hot. So, are you interested in bubble tea business?If you have this idea, the following excellent purple bubble tea kiosk can help you.

Introduce The Bubble Tea Kiosk

From the pictures show, we can see the bubble tea size is 3x3m, and the color is purple and white. On the whole, the bubble tea looks very elegant and stylish. The bubble tea main material is plywood, Acrylic logo, tempered glass, stainless steel and finish by laminate. There is a sink and a cashier register on the countertop. And there are several cabinets under the countertop. They can use to store items.

In addition, the logo of bubble tea kiosk is quite special and attractive. The logo has four circles and a cube purple light boxes. And the actual images of bubble tea is placed on the light boxes. The logo of bubble tea kiosk is a shape of the threshold. It can attract people’s attention in a moment. The bubble tea kiosk has a three-story glass display stand in the middle of one side. It usually uses to display different drinks for customers. And the kiosk has a layer of glass to isolate from the outside on the edge. Also we can see the kiosk toe tick is hidden led light strip. It is very bright.

bubble tea kiosk bubble tea shop

Do you like this style bubble tea kiosk? And do you want to customize a bubble tea kiosk? Please contact us soon if you want. We will expect your inquiry. Thank you for reading.

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