Bubble tea is one of the most popular fashionable drinks today. And there are two different ways to drink bubble tea. It is hot and cold. Most people like the Q-flavored taste of sucking pearls and chewing pearls through a straw. It is very delicious and refreshing. Because of the feature, many people would rather line up to buy bubble tea. We can see all kinds of bubble tea shops here and there when we go shopping. This is really hot. So, are you interested in bubble tea business?If you have this idea, the following excellent purple bubble tea stand can help you.

Bubble Tea Stand Description

From the pictures show, we can see the bubble tea stand size is 3x3m, and the color is purple and white. On the whole, the bubble tea looks very elegant and stylish. The bubble tea stand main material is MDF, Acrylic logo, tempered glass, stainless steel and finish by baking paint. There is a sink and a cashier register on the countertop. And there are several cabinets under the countertop. They can use to store items.

In addition, the logo of bubble tea stand is quite special and attractive. The logo has four circles and a cube purple light boxes. And the actual images of bubble tea is placed on the light boxes. The logo of bubble tea stand is a shape of the threshold. It can attract people’s attention in a moment. The bubble tea stand has a three-story glass display stand in the middle of one side. It usually uses to display different drinks for customers. And the stand has a layer of glass to isolate from the outside on the edge. Also we can see the stand toe tick is hidden led light strip. It is very bright.

bubble tea kiosk bubble tea shop

Bubble Tea Stand Design Ideas

  1. Lightbox decoration. The two biggest points of this kiosk are the top display. We can see that there are 4 round light boxes on the top, a square light box. The round light box can be used to display posters of our products, and the direction light box in the middle can display our menu, so that customers have a certain understanding of our products and prices. This is very helpful for them to buy our bubble tea.
  2. Glass display. The glass display in front of the kiosk can be used to display our desserts and bread, and we can install a warm light strip on the top of the glass display cabinet. For bread, the warm light strip will make our bread more gentle and warm. If it is to display desserts, then we can choose white light strips. Our kiosk also has a light strip installed on the baseboard, which allows our kiosk to form a very beautiful view visually. It’s like being coated with holy light.
  3. Color match. Our customer’s color requirement for kiosk is purple. White is versatile, so we can use white to match our purple. The decorative strips and light box frames on our countertops and kiosk are all purple. Large areas of purple do not look good, so this method of distribution can effectively use two colors. It looks very comfortable. If you don’t like purple, we can replace it. Because all our kiosk are customized, we can design this kiosk according to your favorite color.

Stand Necessary Equipment

The purpose of our business in the mall is to make drinks and sell them. So our bubble tea stand must have the conditions to produce these drinks and foods. First of all, the socket is essential. Because our machine needs electricity to start working. Next is the sink. For bubble tea, we need to wash our tools, hands or fruits frequently. We will install both of these on the stand, and we will set up the wires. The mall will provide us with power. When we receive the goods, we only need to connect the main wire to the mall’s power supply.

How to get customized stand?

We are a customized company, if you want to be a store stand. We can certainly meet all your requirements and provide you with what you want. First, you need to tell us all your thoughts, and we will make a design based on your thoughts. In this way, you will know whether the stand we designed is correct and whether it conforms to your ideas. Therefore, design is the key and essential. Secondly, the mall will also ask you to provide a design for them to review. Only after the review is passed can we start production and then arrange transportation. Therefore, the first step in customizing stand is design.

  • Design fee: 300USD. It includes 3D imags, modification and construction drawings. We will help you to get the mall approval.
  • Design time: About 2-3working days when we receive the design fee.
  • Production time: About 28 working days when we confirm the design and construction drawings.
  • Transportation time: It depends on your country. It is generally 30 days in Europe, 35 days in the United States and Canada, and 25 days in Australia.
  • Payment terms: 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.


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