Bubble tea is a very popular drink, and almost everyone likes to drink bubble tea every week. Milk tea is perfect for both summer and winter. Bubble tea with ice can bring us a unique taste and cool feeling. If you want to open a bubble tea booth in a mall, I believe you can make a profit and win many customers. In China, many branded bubble tea shops are very attractive. Just seeing the name of this bubble tea can attract a group of people to queue. We know the passenger flow of the mall. If you open a bubble tea booth in a mall, I believe it can also attract the attention of many customers. Bubble tea is a popular product, but if you want to win more customers, you need to work harder on the design and construction of the bubble tea booth.

Bubble Tea Booth Description

bubble tea stand

The milk tea shop I am going to introduce today looks very high-end and beautiful. Many kiosks generally sell more than one product, and this bubble tea booth is no exception. In addition, to milk tea, he also sells ice cream. We usually display ice cream in a freezer. It is ready to eat, so it is usually placed where the customer can see it. From the front, we can see that there are two cash registers, an ice cream display cabinet, and a luminous sign.

Behind the illuminated sign and on the left side of a kiosk is our work area, where we can put our machines. We can see some sinks at the counter inside the kiosk. The sink is indispensable in the business of drinks. It can provide us with water, clean our tools and fruits. If you have some larger machines, when we design kiosk, you need to tell us the size of the machine. So that we can leave a suitable position for your machine.

bubble tea fixture


Size: 5x3m

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate, ceramic tile

Others: Tempered glass, stainless steel, LED, lightbox, logo, artificial plants

Production time: About 28 working days



How to Design a bubble tea booth?

If you have a space in the mall, you can tell me about your mall space. Then we can design the kiosk according to your size and your requirements. If you have some big machines, you also need to tell me their size. We have our designer team, they can help us make the 3D design and the construction drawings. So you can send it to your mall for approval.

Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, when we place an order, it will be deducted from your balance payment. We can also modify it until you are satisfied. Our design time is about 2-3 working days when we receive the design payment.

This bubble tea booth is our design, you can see it’s quality and display effect. Before ordering, we can know what we are buying.

What is the bubble tea booth price?

Our kiosk price is based on size material and style. We need to know what kiosk size and style you need, then we can give you an estimated price. Such as this bubble tea booth, its a size is 5x3m, price is about 7500$.

How can I get the goods?

When the goods are completed, we will ship them to your country. Before the goods arrive at the port, someone will contact you in advance for the details of the delivery. We will send you the information needed for customs clearance and delivery. If there are more goods, you can hire a truck to load the goods.


We are a customized company and have provided kiosk for shopping malls in many countries. We have made many sets of bubble tea booth, and their styles and sizes are different. They are all made according to the size requirements of our customers’ shopping malls and the ideas of our customers. If you also want to start your business in the mall. My suggestion is to make a design first, it is very important and necessary. We will help you design and confirm the final design throughout the whole process, and we will also help you get the store review.


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