Bubble tea is a very popular drink, and almost everyone likes to drink bubble tea every week. Milk tea is perfect for both summer and winter. Milk tea with ice can bring us a unique taste and cool feeling. If you want to open a milk tea cabinet in a mall, I believe you can make a profit and win many customers. Today I want to introduce to you a special bubble tea cabinet, it can be customized according to your needs, hope it will be helpful to your business.

How to order the bubble tea kiosk from us?

First, renting a place in the mall. People can find you in a fixed place, and it can help you service people better. Second, confirming the layout and decoration of bubble tea kiosk. The most important thing is decide what color to use and what size of machine you will use. Because the mall kiosk should have enough time for machines. Then, find a professional designer to help you make a 3D design. Because you can see the details clearly. If there is any imperfection, you can modify it in time. Finally, when you confirm the final design and produce according to the design, you can get the right bubble tea kiosk. The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipment.

3D design show

The kiosk has white and wooden color, which looks elegant and attractive. What  I like most is the bubble tea cup model in the corner. This bubble tea kiosk has glass showcase counter, storage area, sink, logo area, etc. The size is 5m by 3m. Do you like this kiosk decoration?

bubble tea stand coffee booth bubble tea fixture tea booth bubble tea shop

If you need more information and want to view new design drawing, please feel free to contact us. We are here and ready to help. Thank you

Contacts: Sunny                                              Email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com

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