Opening a store inside a mall is different from a street-facing store outside. You can start decoration and renovation business after talking about the rent. The mall has the rules and procedures of the mall. If you are going to open a tea cabinet in the mall, please do not miss this article.

tea kiosk bubble tea kiosk tea booth

How to open a tea shop at low cost?

Purchase cost of equipment

As we all know, the equipment of a tea shop is a fixed amount of money. So how to choose the right equipment? If you join a brand, you don’t need to worry about this problem, because the brand will tell you how to use the right equipment. If you are starting your own business, then you need to seriously consider how to choose equipment to save money without affecting taste

The cost of raw materials for tea shops

For newly opened stores, the first month can purchase an appropriate amount and a small amount of raw materials, and the subsequent operations are measured based on sales. If you want to save the raw material costs of Gong tea shop, you need to compare several raw material suppliers and choose a long-term cooperation with high cost performance. Of course, for franchise brands, the headquarters of the tea shop will require the use of specified raw materials and the price is relatively cheap, and the quality is guaranteed.

Staff Expenses and Publicity Expenses

Every month’s employee fees and irregular publicity expenses are a huge investment. You can hire employees according to the size and sales of the store to save costs. For franchised brands, you can save on promotional costs.

If you have any ideas about tea kiosk decoration, please feel free to contact us. I am glad to help you and make a similar tea kiosk follow on your requirement.

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