We all know that the demand for mobile phones is increasing. Mobile phones, while closely connecting people in various parts of the world, are portable and have good market prospects. In addition, the development of electronic and information technologies has made mobile phones and communications Costs are getting lower and lower, and mobile phones are moving from luxury to consumer goods. So you can see more and more people chose to open a phone & laptop display booth or phone shop.

It is very common for us to display booths on mobile phones in shopping malls. They display a variety of smart electronic products, in addition to mobile phones and laptops. The phone & laptop display booth I will introduce today is relatively large. Let us see its details.

Phone & Laptop Display Booth Description

The size of this display booth is 5x4m, and its main colors are wood and white. This is a very popular color combination. We all know that valuable items such as mobile phones are displayed through glass display cabinets, just like jewelry. Our customers mainly sell laptops and smartphones. So we can show all the models and prices we have so that customers can make better choices.

In addition to the display cabinet, our booth also has a repair station and work station. Due to its relatively large size, we can put a workbench inside the booth. The outside of the workbench is an aluminum display, where we can hang our mobile phone accessories or computer accessories.

Our skirting is covered with stainless steel, which can effectively protect our base. We have installation locks on the doors of all display cabinets. They are very strong and safe.

Phone & Laptop Display Booth Material

We have our own factory, and when you place an order, we will start production. The work experience of our workers is very rich. They will produce this booth in strict accordance with our requirements. Our base material is plywood, and the surface finish is laminate. We can see that its color is wood grain and white. White is a versatile color. The inner display of our display cabinets is generally white. There are many choices of wood grain color, we will send you wood grain color options when we produce.

Our glass uses 8mm tempered glass. We have installed light strips on the glass top of each display cabinet. They can bring enough light to our booth so that our customers can see our products clearly. We will put our logo on it when we build the kiosk, you need to send us the logo. The logo material is acrylic, which is a very common material for making logos.

How to customize my own kiosk?

If you have a space in your mall, you can tell me your mall space, and your requirements. Our designer will design the kiosk according to your requirements and your mall space. When finish the design, you can check. If you want to modify it, we can modify the design until you are satisfied. Then you can send the design to your mall for approval. We can help you get approval.

After confirming the final design, we can start production. We are a company integrating design, production, and transportation. When the reproduction is completed, we will send you pictures and arrange transportation. When the goods arrive at the port, you can hire a broker to clear customs for you.

Order Details

Design: Our booth design fee is 300USD, it includes 3D design and construction drawings. It allows modification. When we receiving the design fee, our design time is about 2 working days.

Production time: About 28 working days

 Transportation time: The transportation time varies in different countries, generally 25-35 days.



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