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Nowadays there are a lot of cell phone brands appear in the market, like Apple Iphone,Samsung Galaxy, HTC,Huawei, etc. It attract many cell phone loved people to buy it. And almost evey adult  has a cell phone in their hand.  So the cell phone market development  prospect is great. We can not only sell the cell  phone, but also we can sell  the phone accessories like headset,phone battery, phone case,Camera, earpiece etc. Moreover we can repair the  cell phone.  

the reasons for cell phone broken

Our cell phone may be  broken for some reasons. Firstly,Fall broken Reason. Because the current mobile phone screen is getting bigger and bigger, accidentally dropping or accidentally it may cause the mobile phone screen to crack. it may cause the mobile phone screen to crack.   Secondly, Enter the water. Although current smartphones are more tightly sealed than previous feature phones, they are less likely to be dried after entering water, and because the battery cannot be disassembled and cannot be shut down. If not handled in time, it is more likely to cause a short circuit on the motherboard, burn out components or corrode the circuit . Some people don’t want to go to a professional master for repair. They only use the hair dryer to dry the mobile phone from the outside and continue to use it. Finally, the mobile phone is directly scrapped.   Thirdly,mobile phone parts damaged. If our cell phone has been use several years, maybe there are something wrong with the parts:lcd screen, touch screen, protective film, mobile electronic card reader, etc.    


cellphone repair counter cellphone repair counter



introduction of the cell phone  repair counter

  1. Size: 2.5*2.5 meters
  2. Color: White and blue
  3. Design:Modern and Unique
  4. Material: MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, acrylic, stainless steel, light box, etc.
  5. Design time: 3-5 business days
  6. Production time: 15-25days, the production time depends on the  size and the number of counters to make.


Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780

email: sales03@uniquekiosk.com

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