Nice Design Candy Store Furniture Display Cabinet in Germany

candy store decorationSweet food is popular among people, as it has a delicious taste and helps us keep a good mod. If you plan to open a candy store, this candy store design is good for you. It is made for a German customer. Every candy display we made is customized according to special requirements.

Candy store furniture design

This candy store furniture includes a wall cabinet, double-sided display shelving in the center, display shelving, and a window stand at the entrance. On the left side of the entrance has a cashier counter with wall cabinets. If you have a new idea about candy display decoration, we can also add it to the candy store design and show you.

Details of candy store furniture

Candy tree design

As clients say the candy tree is the main decoration of the candy store, so the designer place the candy tree display fact the door that everyone can see directly. There are gondola shelving in different styles set here to increase the display area.

candy store furniture  candy tree

Center display shelving

The center display usually has a double-sided display area. There is enough space for walking in the aisles on both sides, and people can freely choose to buy candy. Blue, purple and pink adjacent to each other not only attract customers but also light up the candy store.

candy shop fixture candy display shelving

Heart shape candy counter

We can set heart shape display stand in front of a glass window. That can attract poeple to pass by and can also place more candies for sale. There is a light lamp surrounding the frame that makes the candy display looks better.

candy shop design  wall shelving

More candy displays show

Wall cabinets are very important for a candy store. We make it in different colors with lighting under each shelving. Candy boxes place here to contain more candies. While the loose candy is placed on the candy display in the shape of spray paint.

candy wall cabinet  candy store stand

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