Luxury Candy Store Display High Wall Cabinets for Nuts

wall shelf

Are you looking for high-wall cabinets for your candy store? Do you want unique candy store effects? Here you are in the right place, with lovely wall cabinets sharing with you. It is good for candy stores, nuts shops, Children’s Paradise stores, toys shops, etc. You can also add new ideas to make it special and attractive.

Introduction of wall cabinets

These wall cabinets in the nuts shop have arch decoration. It has a display shelf with lighting. The size is 1000mm wide, 350mm deep, and 2400 tall. The size can be customized according to your shop size.

wall cabinetThis nuts shelf has 3 colors in total. The white color on the frame and top looks, blue color inside, while the kicking is golden color, which reflects the shop theme. Each shelf has a light lamp hidden on the panel to increase brightness and create an elegant feeling. However, if you are interested in other colors, we can also meet your demands.

Material information

The basic material is MDF with high glossy baking paint. The kicking material is stainless steel. You can also add a brand logo or posters at the top for brilliant.

Real photos reference

You can see the real looks directly from the product photos. We will also take videos to show you the details, when you receive the goods, just place them against the wall. Then connect wires between each other and reach the shop electronics. It’s very easy to complete.

wall booth wall display

If you have new ideas about store decoration, just contact us for free. We can add to your shop fixture and even make a 3D design to show you the final effect. Thank you for reading.

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