New Hot Sell Candy Shop &Beautiful Candy Shop Furntiure For Sale

Since ancient times, people have known that eating candy can feel happy. So from the past to now, there are a lot of pepole like to eat candy, eat candy in leisure time, eat candy in work and study tired, candy brings people happiness. So the candy shop have become more and more popular recent years. Many business man want to make their own business in this field. But if you want to get the money and have so many customers, the first depends on whether the candy is good to eat, the second season depends on whether your can give people a bright feeling. Now let me introudce a candy shop to you,I hope it can let you to make a true choice.

candy shop furnitureThe candy shop information:

This candy shop has two floors that are used to display candies. It has many lights and seating areas. there are many kiosks also in order to display the candies. Then the candy kiosks also have many lights, it can let candies look more clearly. what is more, it also have area to relax and here are lots of decorations to make the candies look more interesting and attractive. We also use many high quality materals to make it, so it looks very nice. This kind of shop design very suitable for mall and street user. More and more people like buy candies, because it’s taste good and can let people feel happy. If you are looking for a customized candy shop, please pay more attention to this design. It may help you come up new ideas about your own candy shop.

 Product materials:candy store furniture

We use MDF&Plywood as the basic material. The plywood is vrey hard, so it is almost impossible to transform and we will put laminates as the surface. The MDF will have high glossy baking paint. It will make it more shiny and glossy. Then we will use acrylic to make your logo. What is more,if you need, we also will use man-made stone, tempered glass and stainless steel and another materials you want to use for your store. The whole shop including candy dispaly kiosks, tables, chairs, and other candy related decorations. what is more, also have the area to relax. So all the materials will be suitable for mall and street users

Product feature:

1.Fashionable appearance, which is attractive.

2.Modern and fashion style.

3. A lot of color can be used according what you want.

4.Durable and impossible to transform.

4.We are pleased to modify it according to your requirement

candy storeOur  customers:

Our customers come from all over the world. We won highly praises for our customers. We have been engaged in furniture industry for many years, and our focus is on excellent service. Customer-centered and innovative marketing concept has been widely recognized in the industry.

Company profie:

Our company(Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd) is a custom comapny, and also a professional manufacturer. It is established in 2001 and has 11 years experience working. We have made many candy shop furniture and other different shop furniture before. Our kiosks and  display showcase all have high quality and lowest price. Then our company provides the OEM service. What is more, we have a professional design team. we can design the product according to your all requirements and the size what you want to design. Our company provide free 3D design and best service. We have our own the proficient skill and updated machines. We are producting newest retail mall kiosks, ice cream kiosks, phone repair kiosks, cosmetic kiosks, eyebrow kiosks, yogurt kiosks,juice bar kiosks and so on. Not only the kiosk but also the store!!

All in all,our company have the best service,the high quality,and compared with the peers,we have the lowest price,why not choose us?







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