Love Heart Shaped Candy Display Stand Candy shelf to Cape Town

Sweet candy plays a very important role in our daily life. Not only kids like sweet food, but adults also like candy as it brings us a sweet taste. Candy kiosks and candy shelves are very important for the candy business. Nowadays, many businessmen prefer to use small candy stands, candy display shelves in their shops. It is creative and makes the shop look special.

candy shelf

The love heart shaped candy display stand

We can see in the design drawing, it is a love heart shape with a metal base to support it. The middle is display shelves to place all kinds of candy. It is good to use as a center display shelve, so clients can purchase items from two sides. This candy shelf is very convenient to use and catches the eye’s attention at the first sight.

Color decoration

The main color is red, red love heart makes people feel relax and happy. The white shelf panel shows the real color of candy, which helps people make good choices and save time. Because of white reflect all color, we can see white color everywhere.

You can also change it to other colors to match other furniture in a retail candy shop. As it is custom made and can also change to other shapes like L shape, snail shape, trapezoid, etc.

candy stand


Size: 1200*500*1800mm

Function: Display candy, decorate candy shop

Design idea: Unique and creative. The design idea is from our customers. We just make his image come true.

Craft: Wood body with baking paint craft. Workers focus on process details and pay attention to product quality.

Material introduction

Different material makes the different effect on the display showcase. And you can see how it looks like in the 3D design drawing and chooses one you want.

MDF mainly use to build the candy shelf body. It needs about 5 days to complete. The finish is shiny baking paint. It looks smooth and glossy. Baking paint is a very popular surface decoration in-display kiosks. Not only shop furniture, but also mall kiosks use this material to gain a unique effect.

We can also put the brand logo on the display cabinet or name it after the candy name as a guide.

heart shape candy kiosk

How to make the candy display stand?

We first confirm the candy display stand design. It shows the color, size, material, and production details. It always takes time and energy to get a wonderful design, as we should consider many elements.

Then we prepare materials to make it and cut wood material into parts according to the size. And consist of them together to complete wood bodies.

Next, it moves to the polish room for surface decoration. Except for white and black color, we will first make a color sample for your confirmation to avoid color differences. It includes 5 steps and is expected to be completed in 10 days.

Finally, we can get the candy shelf. If you need light, we should add wires and a light lamp to it. And take photos to show all the steps.

Packing and delivery

When the goods are ready to ship, we should clean them first and use foam to protect the candy stand. We will wrap the candy display stand with foam and sponge and wrap it tightly with plastic wrap. Outside is the wooden box packing counter, all gaps will be filled to avoid moving

This candy stand will be delivered as a whole, so you can use it directly when receive it. In this case, you don’t need to the assembly on site. Just connect main wires to a local power supply to use.

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