The candy shop is a paradise for many children. There are not only many delicious candies but also many toys and beautiful models. When we start a candy store, we will first consider our target customers. Children make up the majority. They like colorful and interesting things, so when buying candy display furniture and decorating candy shops, we need to start from these aspects.

Unique Display

We are a professional shop furniture manufacturer. We have made many very attractive candy display cabinets for many customers. And these are not done by other factories. No matter which one you need, we can make it. If you don’t have your own ideas, you can send us your shop floor plan. Our designer will design some furniture suitable for our shop according to your floor plan. We can also design the layout. So you can see its overall effect, as well as the color of the furniture. When you see the design drawing, we will have an idea and positioning, we can clearly know what we want, which is also convenient for us to modify. What I want to introduce to you today is a kind of commonly used display furniture in candy shops.

Candy Display Furniture

This is a kind of shelf back cabinet against the wall, the capacity of an ordinary shelf back cabinet is relatively large. It is mainly used to place candy boxes or some canned or boxed snacks. It has a total of 5 floors, with light strips installed on the top of each layer. In addition to providing customers with a better browsing experience, the light strips can also make our furniture more attractive.

Size: 1050x585x2400mm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: Customize


When our customer bought this piece of furniture, he directly bought 7 pieces, and the colors of the 7 pieces are different. They look very beautiful together. So if you also want to buy this kind of cabinet against the wall, we recommend buying in bulk.

Candy Display Production

Before production, we will prepare a drawing, which contains all the details, including color, size, structure, and so on.

Our surface treatment is bright baking varnish, which looks very shiny, which is also a treatment method often used in candy store furniture. There are many colors of the paint, we will also adjust the color to the customer for confirmation before spraying the color, so you don’t have to worry about the color difference.

Due to the different voltages in different countries, when we install the light strip, we will also install a transformer at the bottom, so when you receive the goods, it can be used normally.

How to order a candy display furniture?

If you want to customize some candy display cabinets for your shop, you can send us your floor plan, and we will design the display furniture inside according to your requirements and the shop floor plan. You can clearly see their effect, size, color, and price. If there is no problem, we can start production. If you have favorite furniture on our website and want to make the same style of furniture, you can also tell us the quantity you want, we can send you a quotation, and you can pay directly.

The design fee for the shop is 300-1000$. It depends on the shop area and the design content. When we place an order, it will be returned to you. So the design is free.

What is your payment term?

Our payment term is 50% order deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.

What is the design time?

About 3-4 working days when we receive the design fee.

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