What I want to introduce to you today is very popular display furniture in a candy store. From the picture, we can see that it is heart-shaped, and I believe you are also attracted by its shape. The most important thing in a candy store is innovation and beauty. Because our main customers are not adults, but children. So when ordering display shelf furniture, we can start with its shape and color.

Heart display shelf details

The size of this display deck is very large and heavier. But because of its relatively large size, it is visually shocking and beautiful. It is generally placed against the wall or can be placed behind the cash register. There is a light strip around the inside of it, so when we put the product on it, it can provide us with light.

Size: 3615x350x2450mm

Basic material: MDF

Basic finish: Baking paint

Color: Customize

Whether to disassemble: No

Production time: About 15 working days

Price: 2500$


Display Shelf Production

All our furniture has a detailed construction drawing, when we confirm the order, we will start production. This love display shelf is not removable, it is a whole. Therefore, it is more difficult in construction. Our production is divided into 4 steps, making wooden cabinets, polishing, painting, and installing.
Making the wooden cabinet is to make the shape of the love heart according to the size of the construction drawings. This step is the most difficult step. We need to cut suitable wood and then fix them together. After the entire wooden cabinet is finished, we can start polishing.

Sanding is to give the surface a certain roughness and make it smoother. After the sanding is complete, we need to apply a primer. Then it was painted. There are many colors of baking varnish. We will send you the color for confirmation before spraying. After confirmation, we will spray the paint when we come. Then use high-temperature baking and let it stand for a while.

Installation is to install the light strip and the transformer. When you receive the goods, you need to connect the wire to the power supply of your shopping mall and it will work.

Heart Display Shelf Real Picture

The picture below is the look after our production is completed, is it very beautiful? The color can be selected freely, and red is a more popular and suitable color. What we provide is complete furniture, and you don’t need to install it when you receive the goods.


Because of its large size, the size of our packing box is customized according to the size of the furniture. Before packing into the packing box, we will wrap the corners of the furniture with pearl cotton and wrap the whole furniture with stretch film. We put foam boards on the inside of the wooden box, so our packaging is very safe and reliable.

How to order the display shelf furniture?

If you like this display, you can tell me the quantity or requirements you need, and we will send you an invoice. The price depends on the material, size, and style. If you change the size, the price will also change. If you want to do exactly the same, you can place an order directly. We are ex-factory prices, excluding freight. The shipping cost depends on your country.

If you have your own shop and want to buy more attractive display furniture, we recommend making a design. We can design the furniture inside according to your shop size and requirements. So we can see the effect in advance. Only after we have the design can we know the specific price and details.


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