Modern style bubble tea kiosk waffle food restaurant customize design

Food is people’s everyday need. Now many young people love to drink bubble tea. You can see in the shopping mall or in the street, everywhere are the bubble tea stores. If you also want to start a food business, trying to open a bubble tea business is a good choice.

In this post, we want to introduce a modern style bubble tea kiosk waffle food restaurant customize design to you. We will introduce the details of this bubble tea kiosk design to you.



The size of this bubble tea kiosk is not a small size. The size is about 4x4m and we welcome any customized sizes. On the front side of the bubble tea kiosk are the cashier area and order area. On the left side is a bar area with five bar chairs for customers to sit and have food here.

You can put the equipment machine on the countertop to make the food. If the equipment machine needs to be put under the countertop or needs to leave the space, please let us know in advance. You can send an equipment list with the size and pictures to us. We will put them on the 3d design and leave enough space for you.

On the bubble tea kiosk, we can add some lights. For example, the led strip light, and the spotlight. Because the lighting of the kiosk is an important part of the whole design.



The material of this bubble tea kiosk can use plywood with laminate. And the countertop usually uses man-made stone. The logo we have is the acrylic logo ( lighted or not lighted ), and the stainless steel logo. You can choose it according to your need.

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