Unique Teapot Shape Circle Style Tea Kiosk for Sale

teapot kiosk

Have you ever been attracted by the unique mall kiosks? A special tea kiosk gains more eyes’ attention and leaves a deep impression on people. Many poeple make coffee kiosks like coffee cups so that clients can understand their business well. It’s a good idea to build a teapot shape kiosk to sell green tea and bubble tea, etc. Here is a new invention teapot shape tea kiosk sharing with you. You can also add your ideas to make them fit your business.

Description of teapot shape kiosk

As we can see in the design, this tea kiosk has a cylindrical cabinet, a teapot spout, and a teapot handle decoration. It has a high wall because the owner doesn’t want consumers to view the working area from outside. We don’t cover the roof, because it allows lights to get in. However, if you use it outdoors, please consider a stable roof that bears changeable weather.

tea kiosk in the mallDetails information

This tea kiosk diameter is 3m, it has to be divided into parts for delivery. When you plan to use it outdoors, we recommend a 2m diameter. And you can get the tea kiosk as a whole.

There is a sales window with live fire decoration. Clients can order and pick up items here. Opposite it is an entrance door. You can put up menus, and posters, and even attach brand signs for advertising.

teapot boothInside view

Inside the tea, the kiosk has curved counters that match the kiosk radian. It’s better to leave enough space for equipment, working the counter. We can also add a water sink for better usage. If you don’t have a water supply, don’t forget to use the water system.

The color of the counter can be customized. It is usually according to the brand logo color, store theme, corporate image, etc.

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