High-end style boba tea counter lovely bubble tea kiosk design

Bubble tea has high nutritive value, and various flavors and has the efficacy of clearing heat and detoxicating and reliving summer heat and water retention. On the street, you can see many different brands of bubble tea. When people are tired and thirsty from shopping, they can have a cup of cool bubble tea. So people want to start a food business they think to start a bubble tea business first.

If you want to start a bubble tea business, how to start and what should you prepare? There are many things we need to think about. You can start with a bubble tea kiosk and it will be easier for new entrepreneurs. Here we look at a high-end style boba tea counter lovely bubble tea kiosk design now.


Boba Tea Counter Design

This is the newest bubble tea kiosk we just finished with high-end style. The material is MDF with the baking paint that matches a little gold color stainless steel.

On the front are a 3d lighted logo and a glass display showcase with a gold color stainless steel frame. Under the countertop and stainless steel toe kick, both have the led strip light.


Customize Design Service

If you want to start a bubble tea kiosk business, you need to establish a brand first. You can make your own brand or join someone’s brand. Then you need to find a location and get the details. Our design team will provide a customized 3d design service to you.

The designer will make a customized bubble tea kiosk design for you according to your brand logo and size. Meanwhile, this customized 3d design we will make to fit your need and fit your business. So that you can send it to the mall for approval.

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