Ice-cream is a tasty food for children, even adults. Consumers deeply love them, especially in the summer. They are willing to choose ice-cream instead of hot drinks. When we hangout in the mall, we can see ice-cream kiosks. All of them look sweeter and dreamlike. but in this post, I would introduce a different ice-cream kiosk for your reference. Hope you like it.



Style: modern and cool

Color: black and white

Main material: MDF with baking paint ,plywood

Function: display ice-cream

Design idea: Meet customers’ requirements

Design time: 3-7 working days

Production time: 25-28 days

Payment terms: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

The layout of the ice-cream kiosk

We can see from the picture, the most part of this ice-cream kiosk is a glass food display. It is able to show different snacks. Moreover, there is an ice-cream box. They allow people to choose different favors and put them together. Also, there is a three-layers glass display, which can put some ice-cream bars like in the picture. It makes full use of the space to show the ice-cream. On its back, it contains two traversing gates, allowing you to get and store the food.

The light strips are indispensable parts of the display. They can bright the display and make food appear more appetizing. In the right size of the glass display, there is a cashier counter. When consumers finish their purchase, they can pay the fee at this counter. under the display counter top, there are some cabinets, which means you can arrange them freely.

There is a tall board with a light box. We can see many products that are shown here. When people don’t choose which product, then they can be helped by the light box.

In the black area of the outside kiosk,you are able to post some lovely ice-cream stickers to increase interestingness,by this way, consumers can have a well impression of the whole kiosk.


The main tone of this kiosk is black and white. This color is rarely used to decorate ice cream parlors, which makes it look more special. There are some ice cream signs on the cashier counter top, increasing the enjoyment of kiosk.


We have 14 experience in factory sales and are dedicated to customizing kiosk or shops. To this day, we have held a mature development and production line. So, if you have your new idea about our product, we could design and customize the unique one for you.

First, you need to tell us your specific requirements, including your size, logo, favorable color and so on. We can customize it for you.

Second, for the customized 3d design of this kiosk, it charges 300$ design deposit. The design deposit is a small part of the total cost and will be deducted from the total cost when you order.

About Our Company

UKS is leading Manufacturer of commercial display and Store Fixtures in China. We started exporting kiosk all over the world in 2002. We Customize Mall Used Kiosks, Shop Fixtures, Food Kiosks and Retail Carts. As Supplier of Food vending carts and kiosks for coffee, retail, crepes, bakery and beverage, we also custom kiosks for eyebrow threading, Nail express, Teeth whitening, Jewelry retail, shoes display etc. Our design concept and ideas for our fabrication and build process makes installing easy and safe. We have the best price and low cost display commercial furniture and have a good reputation for customers. We supply the Resort, Education, Health, Food, Beverage and public markets.



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