Ice cream is often present in our lives. And regardless of men, women or children, they are very fond of ice cream.  Today I’m going to introduce you to ice cream kiosk, you can see a lot of kiosks in the mall.

Introduction of Ice Cream Kiosk

The ice cream kiosk we have done more than ten years and shipped many countries for above 15 years. The main material of the ice cream kiosk is MDF, the surface we use the solid wood. And will make the whole food display stand more unique and professional. The counter top we will use the artificial stone.


The front of the ice cream kiosk is dispaly showcase, and will add the logo on the display counter. For the logo, we will use the Hollow out luminous logo, if you want to get the other types, we also can do a new one for you. Bottom of the display stand install the light strip. For the back of the counter, we also install the logo and will make the many people to see it. Left side of the counter is cashier place, right side of the counter is a door.


The size of the ice cream kiosk is 3*2m. If you want to get other size, we also can help you do it with the size that you want.

Custom Service

The Unique Display we have done more than 15 years and will make the whole display counter more uique and professioanl. We have a profesional design team, and can customzie the ice cream kiosk with all of your needs. We will do the 3d design with all of your needs, and will make the whole display stand more unique and bright. The kiosk we have done many types like the modern style, unique style, coloful style, wooden style and so on. So if you wnat to get the new design that belongs to yourself, just feel free to tell me. We will get back of all of your needs to our designer, and will dispaly all of your needs on the 3d design. After you satisfy it, we will start to produce.

How to Order it?

Firstly, we need to do the 3d design with all of your needs. Then you can take it to the mall and get the approval from the mall. ( design fee will take 300USD, and will take 3-5working days)

Second, we will start to produce after we received the prodcution deposit

Third, prodcution, and quality testing

Forth, installation

Fifth, arrange the shipping before received the balance payment



The package we will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner, then fixed them with film. Then put the interior package into the wooden cabinet, Final, seal the wooden cabinet with nails.


There are many methods to choose. In gerenal, we will recomand the sea shipping. If you want the air shipping and the railway traffic. 


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