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ice cream kiosk

Ice cream is very popular in Summer and ice cream is very important in daily life. As we all know nearly every family eat sweet food after dinner. It’s a good idea to open an ice cream shop and earn money. Today, I want to share a small business idea to operate an ice cream shop. Which can help save cost and get the return back soon. Let’s view more details together.

Ice cream kiosk design

As we can see in the design photo, this ice cream looks very small. There is a refrigerator near the ice cream counter. People can purchase favorite flavors directly. The ice cream counter mainly uses to service people and sell ice cream. We add the customer’s brand logo on the front side, which shows the public the business and can also attract them to buy foods here. The backside has a closed cabinet or drawer for usage. So that, the owner can restore items here for better usage.

ice cream booth

Details information

Size: This ice cream counter size is 1.6m x 0.5m. It customizes the size according to your needs.

Color: White color with colorful rainbow stickers decoration. We can also make the ice cream counter in other colors. Just let us know the color you want and we can make it meet the demands.

Material: It uses MDF to build the ice cream kiosk body and the surface material is baking paint. It looks brilliant and has smooth tough.

Kicking: Sliver stainless steel is very popular to make the kicking. We can also use other colors like black, golden color matches the items.

Logo: An acrylic logo looks beautiful to build a brand logo. We can also choose stainless steel, 3D luminous acrylic logo, and wood logo.

ice cream counter

ice cream shop furniture

Story to get the ice cream kiosk

The customer first contacts us because she is looking for counters for her ice cream shop. She told us that she has a small budget and owns a small ice cream shop for business. I recommend some suitable ice cream counter items for selection. She chooses two favorite styles. Therefore, we make her ice cream counter based on these styles and make it better to usage. The client agrees to our proposal and immediately confirms the order. The designer creates a 3D model after the meeting summarizes the design details. Finally, we send two design ideas to the owner and she likes them very much and confirms one to produce.

Produce ice cream kiosk

People produce the phone kiosk according to the ice cream kiosk design so that the owner can receive the same kiosk as wanted.

First step: Build the wood body

Workers first cut wood materials into pieces and consist them together. We can see how the ice cream counter looks like in this step. This step needs about 7 workdays.

ice cream store

Second step: Finishing baking paint

The ice cream kiosk is moved to the polish room to do baking paint. Before baking, the ice cream counter needs to be polished to make sure that the paint is evenly covered. It needs to be painting at least 5 times to get the finishing effect. This step needs about 12-15 work days.

Third step: Assembly brand logo and  cabinet door

Assembly is the final part. We should add a brand logo, posters, cabinet doors, kicking, and even brand logo all complete in this part. Therefore, the owner can see how it looks like in real life.

Please kindly contact us if you are going to open an ice cream kiosk. And get your own ice cream counter design right away!

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