The shopping mall is a very lively place with various industries and various products. Because of the superior environment and richness of the shopping malls, many people will go shopping in the shopping malls on weekends or during leisure time. There are clothing stores, jewelry stores, boutiques, and mobile phone shops. There are also some milk tea kiosks, T-shirt kiosks,s or mobile phone accessories kiosks. We are a manufacturer of a kiosk in a shopping mall, and we can receive orders for kiosk from customers all over the world every month. So the kiosk is very popular.

The role of the kiosk is actually similar to that of a shop. It can display and sell our products in places with heavy traffic. Its rent in the mall is very advantageous compared to the shop. And the price of the kiosk is not expensive, many customers will choose to buy in China. We are a factory that can provide you with the quality and price that you are satisfied with.

Mall Food Kiosk

The size of this kiosk is very large. From the design drawing, we can clearly see its structure, style, and effect. Inside is mainly the counter where we work, and we can put the machines we need inside. Some small machines can be placed on the table, and we will install sockets on the back wall or in the cabinet. In fact, the food kiosk in the mall is similar. We only need power, machines, and counters. On the outside of the kiosk are some decorations, such as stickers or logos, lightbox paintings, etc.

We will also add suitable lighting to the kiosk or kicking, which is also used as a decoration for the kiosk. This kiosk has a back wall, and some advertising players or menus can be installed on the wall.

Size: 6x5m

Basic material: PLywood

Surface finish: Laminate, solid wood, sticker

Countertop: Stone

Glass: Tempered glass

Others: Lightbox, LED light, logo


Kiosk Production

This kiosk’s backside is made of solid wood, solid wood with high quality and beautiful wood grain. Its display effect is very good, so many customers like to make solid wood.

After the customer confirms the design and passes the store review, we will start production. Our production is just across from the office, and all kiosks are handmade. So we are also very rigorous in details. We produce according to the design drawings, including the color, size, location of the lightbox and the sink, etc.

Before production, we will send you construction drawings, and you can see all the details. We will also send you the color of the solid wood or laminate we will use so that we can avoid errors.

Shopping Mall Food Kiosk Order Process

If you have signed a contract with the mall, then I think you should know the whole process. We need to provide the kiosk design to the mall for review, so our ordering process also starts with the design.

You can see a lot of kiosks on our website, or have your favorite styles. But we also need to combine our actual situation when buying kiosks. For example, our size in the mall, our machine, and logo, or our own ideas, etc. Therefore, making a new design is inevitable.

We have our design team. They are professional mall kiosk designers. When you get the space in your mall, you can tell us your location, your requirements and send us your logo or your favorite kiosk picture. We can create the new design according to your size and requirements. Our design allows modification, so you can get your favorite kiosk here.

When confirming the design, you can send it to the mall for review. Once approved, we can start production.

Price Details

Design: 300USD, When we place an order, it will be returned to you. We can help you to get to the mall approval.

Kiosk: The kiosk price is based on size, material, and style. You need to send us your size or the kiosk picture you like, we can give you an estimated price.


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