The summer is coming and the whether will be hoter. At this time, people always like to eat something make themselves cool. Among them, the ice cream, smoothie, juice, bubble tea, and coffee are the most popular cold drinks. No matter where you sell these cold drinks, which will be the best selling snacks. When you shop in the mall, or walk in the street, travel at the beach, you can see there are many ice cream series food booth. Obviously, it is a profitable business. As I was a student, I took a part time job at the beach, I was very busy with selling the ice cream everyday. If you want to start up the business but no much cost, the kiosk is  a good choice for you. I will show you one modern ice cream kiosk.

Description of the ice cream kiosk

This is one ice cream kiosk which is put in the mall. The size is 4m by 2.5m. First, let’s have a view on the kiosk layout.Description of the ice cream kiosk About the front, there is one small tempered glass showcase to show some cakes and dessert. And one small refrigerator is below the small showcase you can many kinds of the drinks and beverages inside it. It is a good design for customers. One cash register is in the middle near the small showcase. It is convenient for the sales to serve the customers here. A big ice cream refidge is also in the middle for customers to choose the tastes. And there are the pink logo sign also in the middle to show to people. About the left corner, there is one light box of the poster showing, which can attractive the customers and some children. From the picture, we can also see the inside part is countertop. There are the double sinks, juice machine, coffee machine, some accessories and other tools on the counterop. The space is big enough. About the cpuntertop, there are also many cabinets to storage the machines, tools and materials. Annd one small door is the left side. On the whole view, the kiosk is very multifunctional. Customers not only can buy ice cream from you, but also can buy smoothie, juice and beverages, coffee and the desserts. The kiosk is not too big, but it is enough for you to do the business. The logo and and the pattern decorate around the kiosk, people can see the logo sign from every directions.

Description of the ice cream kiosk

Specification of the kiosk

  • Size: 4m by 2.5m
  • Material: plywood
  • Surface: white and red laminate finish
  • Color: red and white

About the hardware, there are so much thins, stainless steel handle,locks. About the accessories, they are acrylic logos,stainless steel sinks,led signs.



To design ice cream kiosk

The design base on the size, style, equipment, materials and other your requirements. When you have the needs of the kiosk, lease contact us in time. Once we learn about your ideas, we can integate all information and let our designer to make the design for you. The design fee is $300, you need to pay for it in advance, but please kown that the design fee will be returned to you when you place the order from us. If you need to make changes, we can modify the design for you until you like it.

We are a custom factory with over 10 years specializing in produce the furniture and kiosk. We not only make the food kiosk, but also jewelry kiosk, outdoor kiosk, clothing kiosk, cosmetic kiosk, salon kiosk and so on. Any kinds is ok for us. If you have the ideas please contact us in time.

To design one kiosk

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