Nowadays, many young people are very interested in nail art and want to learn nail art and work as a manicurist in a manicure shop. But many people don’t know what the future trend of nail art is? Is there a future for nail art?

With the rapid economic development, people’s living standards continue to improve. At the same time, female friends are increasingly pursuing beauty and their aesthetic awareness is also improving. Nail art has completely entered daily life from the stage and has become an important part of people’s lives. This has also allowed the gradual expansion of the nail market, which has also led many people to seize this opportunity to start their own business.

Nail Bar Station

The main material of nail kiosk is plywood. Their surface is baking paint. There are many colors of baking paint, we will send to you the Panton card before production. You can choose your favorite color. The nail cabinet must have a nail table, logo, light box painting and light strip. These are necessary for a mall kiosk. The nail booth also needs a sink to clean the hands. If there is enough space, you can also set up a drying area. Some people also need a waiting area, so that the customer experience is better.

Layout Description

This nail kiosk has three nail positions. The main color of the nail table is white, and the nail dryer is placed next to the table. When the client finishes his nails, he can do the manicure directly. When you enter this pavilion, on your left is the service area, the cash register area, and the right is the pedicure area. On the opposite side of the door is a light box display and glass display. The glass display can be put in nail polish to facilitate customers to choose. You can see that there are a lot of lights on the front of the nail kiosk. This makes the whole kiosk more advantageous and more attractive. Glass displays are also installed on the counter.



  • Size: 4*3m
  • Material: MDF
  • Surface: Baking paint
  • Hardware: through lock, stainless steel handle, drawer slide
  • Logo: hollow luminous logo, 3d luminous logo
  • Others: stainless steel baseboard, LED light strip, 8mm tempered glass.

Production Details:

The entire production process includes wooden cabinets, polishing, painting, and installation.

Wood Cabinet: The first step is to make a wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings and 3d design drawings. This wooden cabinet is assembled from some wooden cabinets. When we make wooden cabinets, we will reserve locations for sockets, signs, and light boxes for kiosk.

Polish: After the wooden cabinet is finished, we will start to polish the wooden cabinet to make its surface smoother. In this way, the paint can be more docile.

Baking Paint: Then we have to paint. Before baking, we need to make 4 layers of white primer. After the primer, we need to make 3 kinds of gray, white and black paint.

Installation: The last step is installation. We will install light bars, cabinet doors, sockets, logos, light bars, light boxes and some accessories. When you receive the nail kiosk, you just put them together according to the construction drawings. Then connect the wires together. Finally, connect the main power supply to the mall.

When will We receive it?

For the time, it includes the 3 period time which is design time, production time, and shipping time. The design time will take 3-5 working days. In general, our customer will take 1-2 weeks to do it. The production will take 22-25 working days. For the shipping time, it depends on which port is near to you. Then we will check the shipping time for you.

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