White Manicure Table with 4 Pedicure Chairs to Albuquerque, NM

Manicure tables and pedicure stands are a very profitable business in the mall. Many people plan to open a manicure shop to make money. The manicure kiosk includes a manicure table, pedicure chair, brand signage, advertising poster, sink, bill counter, etc. Let’s learn more information together.

manicure table

Introduction of the manicure kiosk

Manicure table:

The manicure table is very important for a nail art service kiosk. It has 7 nail working tables in total. It allows clients to enjoy nail art together without waiting. There are spotlights on the top ceiling to decorate and illuminate the work area. The end of the nail table has a waiting bench, accompany people can relax here.

Pedicure chair:

In the nail kiosk is two pedicure seats. Pedicure service becomes very popular among people. It has a cream color leather cushion, it is very smooth and comfortable. Consumers can come to enjoy pedicure service with their friends.

nail table

Brand signage:

What comes into people’s eyes is the luminous logo. It is not only a symbol of your company but also a theme of your nail shop. People can better understand your business and remember your quality service. So please choose logo materials that match the manicure kiosk.

Advertising poster:

A successful store cannot do without publicity and marketing methods. You need to make good-looking posters to attract people’s attention and tell the public your advantages and services vividly. They can bring you more target customers. You can also display special offers, such as sending coupons, discounts, etc.

Bill counter:

The cashier counter is usually set at the entrance, so you can receive every customer. This manicure kiosk has an L shaped counter at the entrance. The front side is nail polish display shelves with a glass door. People can purchase them when goes by. Behind are locked drawers and cabinets for storage. Bill counter set inside the kiosk next to pedicure chair.

manicure station

More information:

Item name: Manicure kiosk in the mall

Size: 2500*6600mm

Color: White with solid wood bar decoration

Material: MDF with baking paint

Opposite the working area is 2 working tables with mirrors, where customers can enjoy the services of crush. This also means that you can partner with friends to open a store. Which not only saves the cost of opening a store but also gets more customers. There is a high stand for brand Logos and posters. You can also insert an AD TV player here.

nail kiosk

How to make the manicure kiosk?

First, make a wood body. Workers first cut wood panels and put them together. So we can see the wood body directly.

Second, make surface treatment. This manicure booth has two surface treatments, the first is paint, and the second is the surface of solid wood strips. We usually do the paint first, which takes about 10 days. Because paint has 5 processes. When making a solid wood surface, we need to polish the wood body smoothly, then glue the solid wood on the body.

Third, install the plug and circuit. We will use sockets and circuits that meet the customer’s national standards to ensure that the display cabinets work properly, so please tell us the voltage and applicable sockets provided by your mall before making it.

Finally, assembly locked doors and glass showcase. This step needs about 2 days to complete. And you can finally get the correct nail kiosk to use.

How to assembly the kiosk?

We will divide the kiosk into parts for better delivery. So you should put them together and connect wires between them. It’s easy to complete. You can find an electrician to help you connect the main switch to the mall power supply.

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