Shoes are essential products in our daily lives. Everyone owns many pairs of shoes, such as sandals, leather shoes, sports shoes, business shoes, high heels, etc. We need to wear different shoes on different occasions. Shoes have a huge market all over the world, and now is the best time to open a shoe store. Today I want to share with you a unique shoe store.

How to open a shoe kiosk in the mall?

As for a new business, it’s very important to rent a place to start. A place is a basis for starting a business. Customers can find you and buy products in a fixed place. This is more secure for them. For start-ups, starting a business in a mall is a very good idea. Because shopping malls have requirements for each product and business that opens a store, only those who meet the conditions are allowed to start a business. This is also the reason why people are more willing to shop in malls. Then you can find a customized shoe kiosk to make your store unique and attracts more clients. A good looking kiosk is a key to success. What’s more, you should purchase high quality and good looking products. Only in this way can you earn money and win customers.

Description of shoe kiosk decoration

Shoe shop includes display cabinet, shoe showcase area, center counter, top ceiling, brand logo wall, menu board, etc. This shoe kiosk is different from other shops because it uses a stand to represent the shoes. And the client can only see a pair of shoes from each display stand. This usually makes your product precious. Just like when we go to a jewelry store to buy jewelry, the clerk wears white gloves to pass the product to you. You can also write stories related to shoes, such as design features, design inspiration, advantages, etc.

The main decoration color is industrial black, which high level your shop. You can use white, blue, yellow, brown color to decoration. Combine color become popular nowadays and can always create a very harmonious atmosphere. Please don’t worry about decoration, our designer can help you match the brand logo and company culture.

  • Item name: Shoe kiosk
  • Size: 10ft by 10ft or another size match your location
  • Color: Black or another color you want
  • Function: Display showcase shoes and sell shoes
  • Basic material: Plywood, metal frame
  • Surface materials: Wood veneer and clear painting
  • Kicking materials: Stainless steel
  • Brand logo material: 3D luminous or acrylic logo
  • Other materials: Lightbox paint, posters, wooden flooring, ceiling light, etc.
  • Design time: Around 3 working days
  • Production time: 25-28 business days

3D design picture show

shoe stand shoe kiosk shoe display cabinet shoe counter

From the picture, we can see there is a display counter on the three sides. Which showcase shoes directly, so people can also find the exact one they want. While in the middle is a cashier counter, you can also place a sofa with a mirror here. When customers try on the shoes, they can see how it looks like and comfortable. I am sure, it can help you increase sales volume. Do you think so?

Nearly everyone wants a unique and attractive shop decoration. Because it can appeal to many target clients and can also show the products in a good way. As we all know, shoes give people a different feeling when they are in different environments. So, please take the shoe kiosk decoration into consideration. You can even choose a basic style from our website and just modify it according to your ideas. If you have any new mall kiosk decoration, please feel free to tell us. We will help you solve the problems soon.

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