Are you looking for socket booth? Do you need a customized sock kiosk to start business? Socks are a must-have for men, women and children. In addition to keeping warm, socks have become a decoration in the eyes of many young people, especially young girls. Whether in winter or summer, socks can make them stand out. If you want extra income, then opening the sock booth is a good choice. Because it only requires a small investment and is easy to operate. As long as you find quality-guaranteed purchase channels and open them to a large number of people, then you can definitely make high profits.

Sock booth in mall center

A unique sock showcase can not only attracts consumers, but also showcase items in a good way. Today, I want to introduce a simple but useful sock booth with you. It can change the layout easily, so people will always feel fresh when they see your shop. Let’s view details together.

  • Main material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Wood veneeer
  • Color: White, red and black
  • Size: Customized size according to your location
  • Kicking material: Stainless steel
  • Logo material: Acrylic
  • Other materials: Slat wall with hook, mental frame, light box poster, etc.

Professional design show

From the design picture, you can view this sock booth clearly. And arrange the products in the right showcase. You can also add your thoughts to the drawing. Because the sock kiosk is a symbol of your brand. When people see it, they think of you and your services.

There is a large sock stand in the middle. Socks place and hang on the different levels, which is make full use of the space. Customers can also purchase the items in a good way. Cashier counter set in the corner for convenient payment. People can also sit down on the L-shaped bench to have a good rest. Do you like this sock booth decoration?

sock stand sock showcase sock booth sock kiosk


A new 3D design with your brand logo need about 3 days to get the first drawing. Production need about 20-25 business days. Please leave enough time to build the mall kiosk. Thank you

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