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shoe display showcaseDo you plan to open a shoe kiosk in the shopping mall? Everyone has more than 2 pairs of shoes, and even prepare to replace the same type of shoes. People wear shoes every day and wear different shoes for different occasions. Whether you are selling men’s or women’s shoes, for the elderly or children, I believe you will be successful. Today, I want to share a nice shoe kiosk with you

Shoe kiosk introduction

Size:2.5m*3m can customize according to your location

Color: purple and white, which match the brand theme. You can choose any color you like to do the kiosk

shoe kioskMaterial & timeline:

We use MDF as the main body of the shoe kiosk, which determines the shoe kiosk’s sturdy structure and long-lasting usage. It needs 7-10 workdays to complete.

The surface treatment is a high glossy painting, that is a smoothie and high-end look. We can also use wood veneer and laminate effect, depending on which style you choose.

shoe cabinetThe tempered glass thickness is 8mm, which shows the shoes well. You can lock it well to protect items when off work.

A brand logo is very important in a shoe shop, you can choose acrylic letters, 3D luminous signage, and even stainless steel logo to get a good effect. We can also help you choose suitable logo materials.

Other materials include a leather couch, stainless steel kicking, hardware, and mirrors. A lighting lamp increases the brightness and attracts people’s attention.

shoe store display


This shoe shop has two sofas at the entrance, clients can sit down and try on shoes. Down area is a mirror, poeple can see the effect well, that can save space and convenient to use.

There are glass display counters surrounding the kiosk, it has a slat wall with a plate, you can place one shoe for each style, and put shoe boxes at the bottom, so that is easy to find out another shoe. While inside has lock cabinets for storage.

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