Wooden material slipper display booth retail shoe kiosk design

Slippers are our common household articles. If you want to start a retail business in the shopping mall, you can try to sell the slippers. Because the slippers do not need a lot of budget, the cost is low and high sales.

Before you start a retail slipper shoe business, you need to find a location first. And then need to make a display booth for showing the products. This is a wooden material slipper display booth retail shoe kiosk design, let us have a look together.



The size of this slipper kiosk is about 3x2m and we accept any customized size. It uses the display stand with the slatwall display and uses the hook to display the slipper. Also, it has a cashier table and an area for the customer to try on the slipper. The customer can choose the slipper they want and try on them here.

The material is plywood with laminate, on the top of the display area, we add the led strip light. And if you have a logo we can add it to the shoe design. The kiosk flooring of the slipper kiosk we can also offer to you. The material of the kiosk flooring is plywood as the basic material and the surface finish is PVC.



Before we start the slipper kiosk design, please let us know the size and other requirements. Our design team will make a new 3d model for the slipper shoe kiosk for you.

On the 3d design of the slipper shoe kiosk, you can see how it looks and we will make it exactly according to your need. After that, you confirm the final 3d design, we will make the construction drawing for you.

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