Hot sale retail mall kiosk shoe and handbag kiosk design

A shopping mall is a place for people to buy the product they want. If you want to start a business in the shopping mall, you need to research what kind of product will sell well and can it bring profit for you. Then you can search for a location and talk with the shopping mall management to get a place.

Making a retail mall kiosk can help you to start a business in the shopping mall. Below is a hot sale retail mall kiosk shoe and handbag kiosk design. Let us have a look.



This retail mall kiosk design can use to display handbags, shoes and clothes. The area includes the cashier counter, shoe display, bags display, clothes display and storage cabinet. A small signage pillar to put the logo. The kiosk design is a white color with a red color led strip light.

For the material of the shoe handbag kiosk, we use MDF with baking paint. This is a common material used for almost every retail mall kiosk. The glass we usually use 8mm tempered glass and it has 10mm and 12mm. Inside the storage cabinet, we will install the same lock with key for them.

In the display area of the shoe kiosk, we can use wooden display shelf or glass display shelf both are okay. The function of a shoe kiosk needs to let the customer can see and choose your product conveniently.



The first step to starting a kiosk business in the shopping mall is to make a customized 3d design. A customized 3d design can for you to see the effect of the kiosk. Because the different customer has their different requirement in the size, logo and style.

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