Now is the best opportunity to start the handbag business. I believe you can profit by opening the bag kiosk in the shopping mall. According to the survey, more than 64% of women pay attention to handbags, and handbags obviously exceed daily necessities such as jewelry, watches, shoes, and clothes. Compared with clothing and shoes, bags almost require zero buyers. Regardless of age, as long as you can afford it, it is worth having. For many girls, being able to buy or afford a bag that suits them is also a way to realize their dreams and show confidence. Here is a luxury bag kiosk for your reference.

White bag kiosk for sale

As the picture shows, this bag kiosk is full of white color with corrugated leather trim at the bottom. It covers an area of  3.5m by 3m, a very common dimension in the mall center. There 3 layer stairs counter to place bags, while the other side has 2 layers with hooks for gloves show. That can better help you improve sales volume. And the curved corner makes your bag kiosk different from other stores. Next is a checkout counter with a TV player or brand logo outside. Glass display showcase counter can place wallets or other valuable items. You can make full use of the space and place the goods in a good way.

mall kiosk

bag kiosk

Real pictures show in real life

From the picture, we can see how it works to display all kinds of bags. What the eyes see is more convincing than words. If you want to modify somewhere to make it better, we recommend making your own kiosk design. In this case, you can also change the brand logo. When production follows the design drawing, you can receive the same products as the design show. And even looks beautiful in real life when you receive the items.

bag booth

This unique bag display counter has a light, electronics, locked cabinets, etc. It’s very convenient and good to use in the mall center. If you plan to open a store, please don’t miss it.

Material show:

We usually use MDF as the basic material, as it is durable and smooth. It is easy to change to different shapes. The surface material is white high glossy baking paint. So it looks bright, and has a strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy to scrub, good moisture, and fire resistance. Please don’t forget the tempered glass showcase, it can help you show products in a good way and also protect goods from stollen. The stainless steel adds to the kicking to protect the kiosk. Other materials include light strip, hardware, acrylic logo, and lightbox painting, etc.

How to production the handbag kiosk?

You should first find a design for the handbag kiosk. It’s better to ask the designer to make a 3D design. So you can view your own kiosk directly and also put the brand logo on the kiosk. Second, produce the mall kiosk according to the design drawing. The construction drawing notes all the materials, electronics, and separate counters. So you can get the correct kiosk as you want. Third, we will take photos and videos to show you every step, so you can see how the kiosk being made. You can even check the details during the production process. Finally, text the wires and light strip. When the kiosk finishes, we will first test it to make sure everything works well. Then package the kiosk well after you confirmed. If you have any question about production, we can explain to you.

You are very lucky to cooperate with us. Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. has more than 12 years’ experience in customized mall kiosk fields. We help many customers in the world start their business. I am sure that we can also meet your demands.

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