Lovely style ice cream kiosk design attractive mall food booth

Every boy and girl like ice cream, especially in the summer. If you want to start a food business, trying to open an ice cream kiosk is not a bad idea. We can guide you on how to make an ice cream kiosk to start the business. This is a lovely style ice cream kiosk design attractive mall food booth shared with you. Let us have a look together.



This is an ice cream kiosk size about 3 x 2m and the front has a big refrigerator for the ice cream. A small cashier area on the left side of the ice cream kiosk. The back side of ice cream kiosk has a fridge for the beverage. Meanwhile, on the countertop of the ice cream kiosk can put the equipment machine as you like.

On the top has the spotlights and the menu. Then the customer can check the menu and choose the food that they want. We can add the lighted logo on the ice cream kiosk design.


Our design team can make a customized 3d ice cream kiosk design for you. Please send us detailed information about the size, the material and your favorite style. Then we will make it according to your need and fit your business.



For almost all of the food kiosks, we will use plywood with laminate. The glass material we will use is 8mm tempered glass. For the countertop material of the ice cream kiosk, we can use man-made stone, quartz stone, or stainless steel material.



Actually the ice cream kiosk we will install in our factory. Then we will pack it divided into a few parts. When you receive it, open them and put them together with your power supply then it will work.

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