Lovely style ice cream kiosk cake and bakery food display stall design

Many people love to eat ice cream whether it’s summer and winter. If you want to start an ice cream business, it has many things that need to arrange in advance. You need to find a location first, better to open in a school or shopping mall, or busy street.

Today we want to introduce a lovely style ice cream kiosk cake and bakery food display stall design. Let us check some details of this ice cream kiosk design.



This is an ice cream kiosk with a second floor. On the first floor is an ice cream service counter. The front side has two ice cream display showcases on the countertop. The ice cream kiosk design has the logo, you can send us your logo file then we can make it on the 3d design for you to see the effect.

On the second floor of the ice cream kiosk, you can put some dining tables and chairs. The customer can order the ice cream and go to the second floor to sit and have food.


After you find out a location for the ice cream kiosk, please send us the size of the location. Our design team can make a customize ice cream kiosk with your location size. And our designer will make it in 3-5 working days and send it to you so that you can see the effect.

If need to change the ice cream kiosk design, we can do it for you and we welcome any ideas from you. You can send us if you have the equipment list, then we can make them on the 3d design. So that we can leave enough space for you to put them.

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