UAE shopping mall roll ice cream kiosk customize food booth design

Ice cream business is booming all over the world. In every country, you can see many ice cream stores on the street. And more and more ice cream kiosks open in the shopping mall. If you want to start an ice cream business, you can make an ice cream kiosk first.

Not need a big budget, just need to rent a small space in the shopping mall and make a small ice cream kiosk. In this article is UAE shopping mall roll ice cream kiosk customize food booth design.



On the front side of the ice cream counter is a big ice cream cooling machine. The material we can use is MDF with baking paint and you can select any color you want. For the equipment of the ice cream kiosk, please send the size of the equipment machine to us in advance. Then we can leave enough space for you.

The size of the ice cream kiosk can customize and it is according to your space size. If you need the ice cream kiosk flooring, we can also make it for you.



Just send us the details of the ice cream, for example, the size, the logo, the equipment machine and so on. Our design team will make a customized ice cream kiosk model for you. You can send it to the shopping mall for approval after we finalize the final 3d design.


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