Lovely ice cream kiosk frozen yogurt food counter design

Summer arrived, a lot of entrepreneurial friends began to think about how to make a lot of money in this summer. So what business to make money in summer? The market is full of business opportunities, depending on how you grasp. 

Summer is a good time to do some seasonal small businesses, ice cream is a good investment, especially in the hot summer, business is quite hot. If you want to start an ice cream business, let us see an ice cream kiosk design together.



This is an ice cream kiosk that can use to sell ice cream, yogurt, coffee or other foods. On the front side of the ice cream kiosk is the topping area. You can prepare some foods here, for example, fruit, chocolate and so on.

On the back side of the ice cream kiosk are the water sink and the ice cream machines. Under the countertop of the ice cream kiosk can put the equipment as you want.



For the material of this ice cream kiosk, we can use MDF with baking paint. And the countertop of the ice cream kiosk uses white color man-made stone.

We will send the color sample for you to choose from. The glass cover is 8m tempered glass. And the logo we usually make it 3D acrylic lighted logo.

Please send us if you have the equipment list then we can leave the space for you.




Our factory will install a whole ice cream kiosk in our factory.

We will install the lighted logo, led strip light, tempered glass, all the wires and sockets etc.

When the customer receives the ice cream kiosk, open all the packages and put them together.

Then connect the male and female connector together to your mall power supply then the kiosk will work.

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