Creative roll ice cream kiosk design food counter in the mall

Summer arrived, a lot of entrepreneurial friends began to think about how to make a lot of money this summer. So what business to make money in summer? The market is full of business opportunities, depending on how you grasp. 

Summer is a good time to do some seasonal small businesses, ice cream is a good investment, especially in the hot summer, business is quite hot. How do you open an ice cream business? How to open a good ice cream shop is very important, let us introduce an ice cream kiosk to you. You can use it in the shopping mall or in a shop.



Let us introduce this ice cream kiosk design to you. The front side is a glass display showcase and the customer can sit here to have food.

On the right side is a food work counter, the staff can make ice cream here.

On the back side is a solid wood strip wall with the menu and on the top has the spotlights. We will put your logo on the ice cream kiosk.



We can make a customized 3d ice cream kiosk design for you. You can check with the shopping mall or your landlord to check your location size and get back to us.

The customized ice cream kiosk design service will charge a 300$ design deposit. We will send the design to you in 3-5 working days. The customer can check the design and let us know.



Our company can arrange the shipping for you. We can ship the ice cream kiosk to the destination port.

Or you can send us your detailed address. We can also arrange the shipping to your door to door address.


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