Nice look roll ice cream kiosk 3d modern frozen yogurt kiosk

Ice cream is one of the best sale food in the summer. If you do not know what business to do in the summer, you can try to make an ice cream kiosk to start your own business. Not only for the ice cream food business but also can selling frozen yogurt or juice.

You can choose your favorite ice cream kiosk design on our website. Meanwhile, we can offer a customized 3d kiosk design service to you. Now let us look at a nice roll ice cream kiosk design together.



This is an ice cream kiosk with an arc design. In the middle of the ice cream kiosk has a roll ice cream model pillar. And at both ends are the ice cream display fridges. The staff can work inside to prepare the ice cream or other foods. On the top of the ice cream kiosk has the logo brand sign.

The material of the roll ice cream kiosk can use MDF with baking paint. The countertop of the roll ice cream kiosk can use man-made stone. We will install the whole roll ice cream in our factory.

All the lights, logos, and sockets for the machines we will install in our factory. After you receive the ice cream kiosk, just need to open it and connect it to your local power supply then it will work.



Our design team can make a customized 3d roll ice cream kiosk design for you. You can choose the style and the design and send the size and your logo to us. We will make a new roll ice cream kiosk design in 3d and send it to you in 3-5 working days. You can check and let us know your idea.

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