I don’t know when, bubble tea has become an indispensable part of walking around the streets, and the development momentum of the bubble tea industry has only increased. It is not different to find that bubble tea has become common in our lives. With the maturity of the bubble tea industry, the status of bubble tea in people’s lives has become more and more important, and it has gradually penetrated into all aspects of life.

Bubble tea can be matched with many things, and the taste is more inclusive and compatible. The ingredients include pearls, taro balls, coconuts, red beans, sago nuts, various fruits, and so on.

And in different seasons, there are also seasonal bubble teas, in winter there are healthy hot products. And in summer, there are refreshing drinks for customers to relieve heat, bubble tea with ice, or some fruit smoothies.

Because bubble tea has a wide variety and excellent taste, most of its prices are also very affordable and are accepted by most consumers.  The momentum of the bubble tea industry is only increasing, and more and more bubble tea shops appear in front of us.

The picture above is the furniture design inside the bubble tea. For bubble tea shops, the most important thing is the workbench and the bar counter. The workbench can place all our equipment and tools, such as ice maker, sealing machine, hor drink machines, etc. The bar counter can put a cash register, customers can order and take food here. If we also sell other desserts,such as cakes, we can also place a cake machine in the front.

The seating area is also an important part of the bubble tea shop. Most people come to the bubble tea shop to have a heart-to-heart chat, so placing tables and chairs can bring us more customers. There are various styles of tables and chairs, just choose the one that is comfortable and matches the color style in the store.

Except for the bar counter, workbench, tables, and chairs, another furniture is not a necessity. But it depends on the owner’s idea. If you want to put some decorations, such as succulents, flowers or other things, you can choose to make a tall display cabinet.

Most people choose to make a design after signing the lease of the store. We need to design and customize suitable furniture according to the floor plan of the store. Whether it is furniture or stainless steel equipment, it can be customized. Customized products can meet all our requirements. We can also make the shop what we like.
We are a professional furniture customization company, and we provide design services. Before we start to make furniture, we can do a 3D design first. After confirming the final design drawing, we will start production and ship it to your country or your designated location. The design fee of the store depends on the area of the store. If you want to design your store, you can send us the floor plan.

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