Hi, Welcome to our website. The page is for introducing Ice Cream Display Counter for Attractive More Attention in Shopping Mall. Ice cream is a neccessoriy dessert in this society. Many people like it. Both adult and children all like ice cream. Because the ice cream can make people happy. When the famliy go shopping in the mall, they will choose buy some ice cream for their kids, and family. It can relieve fatigue. Whats more important is that the cost of the selling ice cream is not big, many people can affoard it.

What information do you need to consider?

  • find a place in the mall
  • order a ice cream display counter

Next we are going to introduce you to a ice cream kiosk, you can take it as a reference.  You can tell us your needs, we can do a design according your needs.

Ice Cream Kiosk

The ice cream is made into plywood and the surface use the laminate. The whole kiosk include the logo, light box to make the food kiosk more perfect and unique. The aim of the kiosk is to make the kiosk more attractive and unique kiosk

Production Details

Material: the body of the ice cream kiosk use the plywood, the surface use the laminate. About the counter, we install the artificial stone.

Size: 13×10 feet. You can tell us your design, we can do a design according your size.

Layout: The front of the kiosk we put the ice cream frying machine, and cashier desk. The left you can pick up your food. The back of the kiosk install the sink and bar-fridge. The right install the small door. For the whole kiosk, it has four light boxes to decorate the whole kiosk.

Including: 304 stainless steel baseboard, light box, Acrylic Logo, lamp belt, Glass dam-board, lock….

Production Process:

Before produce, we need to confirm the 3d design and construction drawings firstly. Then our factory will produce the kiosk according to your needs. We need to do the wooden cabinet. During the step, we will reserve the suitable place for the sockets, logo, light box and so on. Then we need to stick the laminate on the wooden cabinet surface.

Finally, we need to install the accessories like logo, light boxes, led strip and so on.

 Can I get New Design?

Sure, we have professional design team, can customize the kiosk according to your requirements. You can tell me your needs like the size, color, layout, and so on. We will display all of your needs on the 3d design. When you receive the first design, and have any modification. We will assist you modify it. When you satisfy it, we will work out the construction drawings. Then you can submit the 3d design and drawings to the mall for approval.


The whole time include the design time (3-5 working days), production time (22-25 working days), shipping time based on which port is near to you.

How can I install it?

When we produce it, and will divide it into several parts. When you receive the kiosk, you just put the wooden cabinet together and connect the wire together. The whole kiosk can work successfully.

Company Information

Our company was established in 2001, and located in Shenzhen, China. We sent our kiosk to many countries like US, UK,AU, CA, FR…..and so on. We provide customized service, you can tell us all of your needs. Then we can do a design according your needs and produce it.

If you have chance, you can visit our factory. The factory and our office are together, its convenient to communicate with worker.



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