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Hello, My friends, welcome to our website,  welcome to click and reproduced articles.thank you so much for your continued to love and supporting. today we are going to introduce our new ice cream showcase.  what is ice cream?  ice cream is a frozen dessert,we usually use dairy products to make it, such as milk and cream. some ice cream combine with fruit or other ingredients. most varieties contain sugar although some contain other sweeteners.


Descriptions about the ice cream showcase

do you like ice cream?  I think most of the people like to eat it .people eat it on follow occasion. firstly it can make people feel cool and drive away their hotness in summer. secondly, when friends going our for shopping, after walk a long time, they need to take a break, at this time. they usually look for something to eat,  get together sitting around the ice cream showcase bar counter,  with the delicious feeling in the mouth, suddenly the tiredness reduces half. and the energy fulls the whole body. thirdly, ice cream is a sweet food that can coax a child. when a mother goes shopping with her little child crying, at this time, they are going pass the ice cream showcase,  the child will stop crying when the mum gives him the ice cream.

So this style of ice cream showcase satisfies these crowds. the chairs beside the counter provide the sites for shopping people. The led light on the different sides advertises the varieties of ice cream. It attracts child attention. it has enough space for 2-3 staff to stay inside,  and the whole ice cream is medium size, so it doesn’ t need to be rent much big space, but many people can buy the ice cream Simultaneously.



ice cream showcase



  • Basic material: MDF or plywood,  man-made stone , High glossy backing paint surface.
  • Other materials: Stainless steel, acrylic logo, light box paint, hardware, etc.
  • Color: White color  (or customize by yourself )

Contact Information

name:  Eva

whatsapp:+86 13410688780



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