creative milkshakes booth design ice cream kiosk used in shopping mall

A milkshake is made from milk, a mixture of ice and a small amount of water. Milkshakes are still one of the most popular desserts in major beverage shops and restaurants. So what are the benefits of a milkshake?The role of milkshakes is to clean up intestinal toxins and solve gastrointestinal diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids and other problems. Secondly, milkshakes also have to clean up liver toxins, improve sleep, and solve skin problems. Milkshakes not only very yummy, also very good for health, it can help lose weight. So many girls and young ladies love it very much. So you can so more and more milkshakes booth are opening in shopping center.

Today I want to share you a nice milkshakes booth we just designed:

this kiosk size is 15ft by 10ft, for color choosed, it used bright blue and white as main color, whole color theme looks very fresh and confortable. It can sell milkshakes,ice cream, juice and frozen yogurt. Then this kiosk layout also very functional,the middle front is a big ice cream display fridge for people to select the ice cream tastes they want. right side is a cash counter, left side is an ice cream shape menu. back and left are counters for work,under countertop putted machines. then right side has two sinks, can wash here.

Detailed info for this milkshakes booth

1.size:15ft by 10ft or customize as your needs
2.materials:countertop used white manmade stone, surface used white and blue laminate,tempered glass,tiles
3.accessories:illuminated logos, led light box, led menus, sinks
4.production time:22-25 work days

Do you like this ice cream kiosk design? if you also plan to open an ice cream kiosk, just come here! We have professional design team and experienced factory, can help you design the kiosk as your needs then make the kiosk for you. If you have any needs, just feel free contact us.

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