Hot sale ice cream kiosk cotton candy food booth design

Ice cream is very popular in hot summer. In the hot summer, the ice cream is delicious, it is popular among consumers. Even an ice cream shop only a few square meters, in the peak season of business daily turnover can break ten thousand. Many entrepreneurs have the idea of opening an ice cream shop.  

But not everyone can have enough budget to open an ice cream shop. Then you can make a small size ice cream kiosk and open it in the shopping mall. Now we want to introduce an ice cream kiosk design to you.



This is a small size food kiosk in the shopping mall. It can sell cotton candy, fried ice cream etc. The size is about 2 x 2 m can only for 1 staff to work inside.

On the 3d design of this ice cream kiosk, you can see on the countertop has a cotton candy machine, a fryer and toppings.

There is an ice cream maker built in the kiosk. And under the toppings area has a fridge.



If you want to start a food business, you need to finalize what kind of food you want to sell and learn how to make it. And then you need to find a location in the shopping mall or in a store. Then we can work on the layout of the ice cream kiosk.

Usually for an ice cream kiosk, we need to arrange the space for the equipment machine, cashier counter and the display area. You can send us the equipment list. For the ice cream kiosk design, we can make it the color you want. And add the lighted box and logo or other decorations for the ice cream kiosk design.

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