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ice cream cartAre you looking for an ice cream kiosk for business? Today, I want to share a nice ice cream cart with you. The ice cream kiosk looks like a pushcart style, which is attractive and vivid. I am sure that it can help you main more clients.

Ice cream cart kiosk design

This ice cream kiosk mainly uses to sell ice cream. You can also sell frozen yogurt, smoothie, and another kind of food and drinks. It has a ceiling, wheels decoration, brand sign, work table, cashier counter, and lightbox painting. The size is 2m by 1.5m.

Introduce ice cream cart

The materials to build the ice cream cart includes plywood, wood laminate, stone counter, stainless steel, etc. We can also use other materials to meet your demands.

Outside view

From the outside view, we can see there is a total of 4 large wheels decoration at the bottom. The counter body has a brand sign here to inform poeple of your business. There are lightbox paintings here to show delicious ice creams. Menu with price list can also be put up here. The backside is a display wall to place more items.

sweet kioskInside view

Inside has work tables, space for ice cream equipment, storage cabinets, etc. The countertop is in blue color, looks very popular, and matches the ice cream shop theme.


There is a large ceiling at the ice cream kiosk top with blue and white decoration. Two ice cream models are set on two ends of the brand sign. If you want a brilliant effect, we can also add lighting to the brand sign and counter table. It has round metal to support the top ceiling.

If you have ice cream kiosk requirements, we can customize them for you. And can even make a 3D design to show your ice cream kiosk looks.

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