Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Kiosk Frozen Yogurt Showcase

ice cream kioskThe ice cream kiosk is a good place to prepare ice cream for sale. You can also sell frogurt, roll ice cream, and other sweet and cold food. It brings us a cool feeling in hot Summer. Today, I want to share a nice frozen yogurt kiosk.

Frozen yogurt kiosk design

This frozen yogurt kiosk includes a display counter, work table, water sink, cashier counter, and brand logo. Popular mall kiosk size is 3m by 2m or 3m by 3m. We can start with a 3D design first so that clients can use every location properly.

frozen yogurt kioskFront display table

The front counter has a cashier counter with a round light box logo. A topping bar table is also set here so that clients can see it directly. There is a large brand signage logo on the surface to let people remember you well. The corner area is a glass display showcase, you can set more items or models.

Back view

At the backside of the food kiosk, there is equipment at the countertable. It has a backplate to protect the machine and protect clients away. Under the countertop is empty for the garbage can. Near it is a water sink, if the mall water supply is far away for your frozen yogurt kiosk, a water system will help you well.

ice cream boothMaterial information

For ice cream kiosks and food kiosks, the main material is plywood to construct the pavilion body. The surface material is laminated board, which is waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, and easy to clean. Other materials include tempered glass with lights and stainless steel baseboards. The brand logo uses a 3D luminous acrylic logo.

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