High-quality cell phone kiosk design in mall for sale

Cell phone service is very popular in the mall or store. It mainly for mobile phone, phone accessories and phone repair service. I have to say the demand for mobile phones is huge. The average person has a mobile phone, or more. And mobile phone update speed is also very fast. On average, new phones are replaced every six months to a year. You can image the phone market is so huge.

In this article, the one I wanna share is a very popular and high-quality cell phone kiosk design in mall for sale. If you plan to  start your own phone business, it’s necessary to see more details here.

Cell phone kiosk design details

For almost mall cell phone kiosk, the shape will is square, rectangle, round. It can customize based on your location area. Like the below, one is 10 by 15ft. it can for a mobile phone display, phone accessories, and phone service handling. The color of this kiosk is mainly white with red as decoration,and the poster put in the middle of the counter.It looks very modern and fresh.

As you see this phone kiosk, the surface is white glossy baking painting finished.  And match a little red strip decoration. The front part mainly for a mobile phone display, the bottom is two big poster showcase. At the left sides is an Aluminum channel plate display stand. You will notice there have four computers on the corner. the bottom is some drawers and cabinets. At the right sides is a sign stand. With an advisement player, it can put some video images. at the top is two metal frame, with acrylic logo. looks very nice.

Design process

When you tell us the size, style, and logo, we can start designing the cell phone kiosk. Our design team can make a whole 3D phone kiosk design base on your requirement. This is the first step to start our cooperation.

The style of cell phone kiosk and all the posters and logos can customize according to your demands. And we will make the design more beautiful and attractive. We usually charge $300 as a design fee, which is not only a symbol of our cooperation but also a guarantee that our design can meet your requirements. And we will deduct it from the total price.

After 3-5 working days, we can send you the 3D design for you to confirm. Which can modify and add new ideas. When you had confirmed the final design, we will make a detailed quotation list for you, and we will let you confirm the construction drawing before production. Our workers will produce exactly according to the design and construction drawings to ensure that the product you receive will be the same as the design.

Finally, you pay 50% order deposit, and we can arrange the production. If you want to know the production situation, we will send you pictures and videos during production to keep you informed of the production progress.

Unique as a direct manufacturer we mainly work on the design and customize different types of retail mall kiosk and phone kiosk. if you’re interested to build a phone kiosk like this one, for more related information. please direct contact us here. just share your ideas, we can make it come true. We will provide high-quality products and services.

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