Cell Phone Display Showcase For Mobile Phone Shop Interior Design

With the development of science and technology, the mobile phone has become the necessities of all ages. The mobile phone has become an indispensable part of the People’s Daily life. Also, the rapid development of science and technology, the mobile phone’s update speed is faster and faster. The category of mobile phones is also more and more. All kinds of mobile phone shop is also more and more. If you want to make the mobile phone store attractive. How to phone monopoly to decorate a design?

Design a prominent style and choose a theme style that reflects the design concept of the mobile phone store. The store design style should base on the mobile phone brand characteristics and market positioning. If it is aimed at the young fashion audience can choose bold, popular fashion elements. Such as the most popular industrial wind and mixing effect. The pursuit of space practicality and flexibility, the mutual penetration of functional space. Through decorative materials and color design, for the modern style of interior effect to provide a space background. And strive to show a completely different from the traditional style of space atmosphere. While the modern style attaches importance to the performance of individuality and creativity.

If you want to make a cell phone display showcase. How to start it?

For a cell phone store display fixture design, we will charge 300-500USD design deposit. But it will return to you when order from our company.

We will send the first 3d rendering to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design fee.

If you check the design and have some suggestions for the design. We will change for you.

Finally, we will make the CAD drawings for you after confirm the 3d design.





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