Fashion cell phone shop design functional phone display showcase

A brand of mobile phone store image design will be one of the key parts of a prosperous business. For example, when we meet and communicate with each other, the most important thing is to leave the image of our friends when we meet for the first time, so as to win the subsequent communication with friends, and more communication and cooperation.

Therefore, mobile phone store brand image design is one of the key parts of operating mobile phone store hardware facilities, and then build the marketing ability of the team, guide the customer’s consumption power is operating mobile phone store must have the software ability.



This is a fashion cell phone shop design functional phone display showcase. In the middle of the cell phone shop are two display stands. The countertop of the cell phone display stand is for a display of the cell phone. And the bottom is the hook display can for you to display the phone accessories.

Against the wall of the cell phone store, the two sides of the wall have the wall display showcase. They are the slatwall display showcase and on the top has the logo and lighted box. For the slatwall display cabinet, we usually add the spotlights on the top.


Our design team can make a new shop design according to your shop size and make the layout as you like. Below is a floor plan of this cell phone shop and it has detailed dimensions on it. It marks the size of each display showcase for us to see the layout clearly.

For the layout of a cell phone shop, we usually need a cashier counter. If you provide the phone repair service, we can make this cashier counter for a repair desk also. The display showcase we can design it to fit your products.

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