Nowadays. Open a cell phone fix kiosk or mobile phone retail kiosk in the mall are profitable business ideas. So, How to start a custom cell phone retail business in mall?

irregular cell phone display kiosk used in mall

As we all know, electronic products and cell phone demand is very huge, when walking along the street or shopping mall center, cell phone store, and retail display kiosk at everywhere, so booming business, many people got into this business, we are professional custom cell phone accessories and cell phone display kiosk factory, every day we will meet many different countries customers inquiry for cell phone display kiosk.

how to start a cell phone display kiosk? design is the first step and also is very important, if you can get a fashion and attractive cell phone display kiosk design, that will is a very big help for your business.

I met many customers, many people all like making the simple square and rectangle shape mall kiosk and then add some decoration or display area make some attractive details, but fewer people make creative and irregular design shape,

today I want to share some creative and irregular design as below.

this design has 3 special areas : 

1. the wood body is the irregular curved shape;

2.  glass showcase also is the irregular shape, these irregular design let whole set kiosk very three-dimensional and fashion.

3. include cash counter and back image wall, the designer also uses the geometrical concept to create unique.

these irregular advantages:

1. give people visual  impact is very strong, effect very profound,

2. line more beautiful and more three-dimensional, very suitable brand products.

3. high-end and fashion.

 of course, like these irregular display kiosk cost is high; High requirements for structure and process, materials also is so,

so building this irregular display kiosk need a high money budget.

dear friends, if you have an idea to custom a special/ fashion irregular cell phone display kiosk, welcome contact us.





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