The cell phone kiosk

Today I recommend a cell phone kiosk and accessories design, using blue and white colors. The main business is selling cell phone and accessories. This cell phone kiosk is compose of multiple cabinets forming a square shape, and the size is about 8ft by 8ft. A three-dimensional light box and a glass display cabinet are place on one side of the cell phone kiosk. The light box is overall blue, and a 3D luminous logo is adde to the bottom of the light box. There is a small advertising machine above the inside of the light box, but it is recommended to use a light box. Below are two separate storage cabinets for storing other tools, etc.

The more details

There are two layers of glass inside the glass display cabinet, which are use to display cell phones. There are wall hooks below to display cell phone cases. A white light strip is install at the bottom of the glass display cabinet to illuminate our products. Its internal upper body has double doors, making it easier for us to put products inside. On the side of the glass display cabinet is a separate wall-mounte shelf and an L-shape counter. Trial mobile phones can be place on this wall-mounted shelf for customers to experience. At the same time, we need to set up several sockets near the shelf to prevent the cell phone from being use when it is out of power.

The L-shape counter forms half of the cell phone kiosk. Its countertop is blue and the other is white, and there are multiple logos on the counter. There is a light box built into its exterior, where promotional posters can be place. Its interior longest counter section is reduce in height and can be use as a reception or office counter, complete with drawers and storage cabinets. The last side of the cell phone kiosk is the exit and a wall-hung glass display cabinet. Cell phone models can be place on the table. Cell phone accessories are displaye inside the display cabinet. There are light strips on the ceiling and bottom. The exit door is a swing door


We’re custom factory, we can custom the new design according to your requirements, such as size, colors, style etc. If you need the design to get the approval of the mall and products, we also have professional design team to make the 3d design, because we have helped many customers to get the approval of the mall. And the design fee is USD300. It will include inside and outside effect pictures. Any modify place, we will re-modify it. If you are interesting in this cell phone kiosk and accessories design, please feel free to contact us, thanks.

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